Edward Granlund

Edward Granlund is currently pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity; his desired path fueled by his practical problem-solving skills combined with his acute passion for technology. While working towards his degree from Carol Community College, he endeavors to develop and polish these skills in pursuit of an IT career managing data security and ensuring IT compliance.

Outside of his academic accomplishments, Edward embraces opportunities for personal and physical growth. To cultivate his body as well as his mind, Edward challenges himself with CrossFit workouts at least three times weekly. When he is not at his local CrossFit box, Edward nurtures a passion for the martial arts, having attained a Black Belt therein. To exercise his right brain, Edward engages in vigorous debates as a member of the college Philosophy Club and, when he can, travels extensively to feed his appreciation for other cultures.

Through his endeavors in this set of disparate disciplines, Edward Granlund never wavers in his commitment to academic refinement and the steadfast honing of his IT skills. It’s true Edward seeks to be a well-rounded person, experiencing all the new experiences that he can. For all of this, Edward sees meaning in work he wants to do, and his passion for it feeds his persistent pursuit of excellence.

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Edward Granlund
Edward Granlund, Westminster, Maryland



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Edward Granlund